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Are you looking for a place to play with numerous possibilities and interesting new experiences, which is available 24/7 and allows you to play from version 1.19+? The MiddleCraft Network is what you are looking for!
• Over at MiddleCraft, you will find a good and friendly community with a helpful staff ready to assist you at any time. In our Discord server, you will find different channels for entertainment. Our server has 2700+ unique users. This means that there are always active people to discuss various topics and have fun playing together. You will meet many new people and hopefully make new friendships.
• The Minecraft server offers a peaceful environment for your survival and entertainment. This is facilitated not only by the responsible staff who monitor irregularities and strive to make your server experience smooth, but also by the quality players you will meet as soon as you enter the server. Everyone is ready to help you when you need something.
• You will find many different plugins and games that enhance the standard Vanilla survival. The most noticable plugin this season is AdvanmentEnchantments, it offers 250+ new enchants that will make your items and armor much stronger than the standard Vanilla enchants. Each new enchant is unique and has its own ability, which you can read about when you enter the server. We are also making new content every month available for a limited time.


Server Version and IP address  

Server version 1.19.X
Server IP address mc.middlecraft.eu


Usefull Links 

Vote for our server @ https://vote.middlecraft.eu
Join discord @ https://discord.com/middlecraft-network


 Staff Applications 

(Status for Builder:   Open)
(Status for Helper:  Closed)

Are you interested in becoming part of the MiddleCraft staff team?
Well, look directly above to see if we are currently accepting new staff applicants!
If we are, simply click BUILDER or HELPER to fill out the form!


Payment Methods 

PAYPAL - The fastest and most convenient way to pay!​​​​​​​
 SMS - Pay with an SMS! (Available only in Bulgaria)
STRIPE - Pay with a debit/credit card!

Be sure that you have typed your in-game username correctly!
The MiddleCraft team is not responsible for wrong payments, such as wrong username and so on!


• Suggestions and Bug Reports 

If you have any suggestions or would like to report a bug, please join our Discord where we will be happy to assist you.
Joining our Discord server provides a formal way to submit support tickets, suggestions, and bug reports.
Our dedicated staff is available 24/7 to respond to your inquiries.
You can also send us an email on the indicated emails in the Contact us section of our website.


We look forward to seeing you all online mc.middlecraft.eu

We are not affiliated/supported with Mojang AB or Microsoft.
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